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Silky Hands Moisturizer

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Elevate your skincare routine with our Silky Hands Moisturizer. Embrace the natural goodness of gentle ingredients for hands that feel silky-smooth and nourished all day long.

Experience the luxurious touch of our Silky Hands Moisturizer, crafted to indulge and nourish your skin with the finest natural ingredients. Ideal for natural skincare enthusiasts, our moisturizer offers a silky-smooth texture and deep hydration for irresistibly soft and supple hands.


  • Natural Ingredients: Silky Hands Moisturizer is formulated with carefully selected natural ingredients, including shea butter, almond oil, and vitamin E, ensuring gentle and effective hydration without the use of harsh chemicals.
  • Fast Absorption: The lightweight formula of our moisturizer quickly absorbs into the skin, leaving no greasy residue behind, allowing you to enjoy silky-smooth hands without any discomfort.
  • Long-Lasting Hydration: Infused with nourishing oils and antioxidants, our moisturizer provides long-lasting hydration, keeping your hands moisturized and protected throughout the day.


  • Softens and Smoothens: Silky Hands Moisturizer softens and smoothens dry, rough hands, restoring their natural suppleness and radiance for a healthier-looking appearance.
  • Nourishes and Protects: The nourishing blend of ingredients in our moisturizer deeply penetrates the skin, replenishing moisture and forming a protective barrier against environmental stressors and dehydration.
  • Soothing and Calming: Experience the soothing and calming effects of our moisturizer, which helps to relieve dryness, itchiness, and discomfort, leaving your hands feeling pampered and rejuvenated.
Weight 5.2 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 3 in

Blackberry, Blackberry & Vanilla, Chamomile, Cherry Almond, Jasmine, Jasmine & Vanilla, Lavender, Lavender & Lemon, Lavender & Vanilla, Lilac, Lilac & Vanilla, Rose, Unscented, Vanilla

1 review for Silky Hands Moisturizer

  1. Avatar of jess


    I’ve tried a lot of different hand creams and every type I’ve tried has been oily and thick and never seems to help. That is, until I tried Silky Hands. It’s lightweight, no oily residues and moisturizing (and a bonus subtle scent, not fake and perfume-y). I work in a factory setting and have very dry and cracked hands, but within 3 days of using this lotion, my hands are healing and soft. I highly recommend.

    • Avatar of diane innis

      Diane Innis (verified owner)

      Thank you immensely for sharing your experience with Silky Hands! We’re thrilled to hear that our hand cream has been a game-changer for you, especially considering your challenges with other thick and oily creams. It’s fantastic to know that our lightweight formula with its subtle scent has not only moisturized but also helped heal your dry and cracked hands, even in a demanding factory setting. Your recommendation means a lot to us! If you ever need more Silky Hands or have any questions, please feel free to reach out. Thank you again for choosing our product and for your kind words!

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